July 12, 2003

"Moblogging" and one Howard Rheingold.Well,

"Moblogging" and one Howard Rheingold.Well, who'da
thunk? Seems like the idea I was ruminating about below was an old one
:-( Apparently Howard Rheingold already predicted folks uploading video
"journalism" to the web in his book "Smart Mobs" of some years ago,
according to this article: Moblogs Seen as a Crystal Ball for a New Era in Online Journalism.
I've never read the book, honest! Heard about it, but never had the
interest to read it. Oh well. I'll console myself with the notion that
it's all but impossible to have an original thought in this post-modern
world :-) That and the virtual certainty that, if somebody were to have
an original idea, that somebody would not be me!

Posted by dettifoss at July 12, 2003 03:23 PM