February 24, 2004

Something to ponder Here's

Something to ponder

Here's what my horoscope said today (among other things):

"Other than remaking the world in your image of utopia, you don't want much."

I think that just about covers it :-)

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February 05, 2004

Ooh! Will you look at

Ooh! Will you look at that!

Regarding Ms. Jackson,
it seems like I was one of many who missed the, um, event. So I'm
relieved to be able report that, thanks yet again to the valiant people
at Slashdot, who provided the
link above, I am no longer in the blissful state of ignorance. I'm
especially fond of the fake varicose veins.
Is it just me, or are these cyber-chubbies really nothing to write home

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Boob is close at handI

Boob is close at hand

I was beginning to think it was too late
for me to comment on Janet Jackson's "Tits Out for the Superbowl"
initiative, but the BBC has come to the rescue at the eleventh hour
with Janet's breast makes net history.
Good old Auntie :-) And so the 'Net continues to mimic life. Now the
major search engines have confirmed Vic's brilliant insight: What we
want is bare-naked breasts.
Well, who knew?

Posted by dettifoss at 02:50 PM