July 16, 2002

Favorite quotes: "SUCK THE SHIT

Favorite quotes:

- Laura Dern as Ruth Stoops in the movie Citizen Ruth

I like Laura Dern. She's versatile.

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July 05, 2002

Bumper Stickers.I saw one recently

Bumper Stickers.I saw one recently which just said "I
did it". What I liked about this was that it seemed whoever it was was
just accepting the blame, in general. It wasn't an exultant "I DID IT!"
of achievement, not an "I *did* it!" of pride in accomplishment. There
was no exclamation point at the end - no punctuation at all. No
emphasis. Just resignation: "yeah, whatever it was, I'm probably to

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Bumper Stickers. "Don't like my

Bumper Stickers.

"Don't like my driving? Call 1-800-EAT-SHIT"

An oldie but a goodie :-)

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July 04, 2002

Lighthouse Blues. So much for

Lighthouse Blues.

So much for Sunday's fun. As the weekend drew near, I'd glanced at the sign
and noticed it seemed to say HERD SERVICE, but that clearly made no sense:
even the Apostolic Lighthouse wouldn't sink so low as to try to convert cattle.
Unless this was some variation on the notion of a flock... Anyway, I wasn't
to be deterred - I need a new glasses prescription anyway.

Then the horrible truth was revealed. Friday evening, as I drove by, I took a good
long look at the illuminated board:


Damn those squared-off letters! Damn my failing eyesight...

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